Grit Climb:
Here’s how to help

Online Donations

Through the next few months as I do the final push in training, to leaving for Nepal and starting the climb, I’m going to document the journey. Shelter Movers is key in offering women a leg up in their next step of fostering resilience in their lives as they leave violence in the rearview mirror. Their influence on families inspires me…sharing their vision is the reason why I am doing all this hard work. By sharing details of this climb, maybe it’ll inspire you to donate to Shelter Movers, spread the work about what they are doing, and help to end the cycle of violence.



Host a Party

Invite friends over and let them know there is a donation pot. See if you to raise enough money to move 2-4 families (each host can set up the goal). I can send them a package which has stickers/bite-sized information about the grit climb and Shelter Movers. This lets people continue the conversation, know they are doing good and punctuates the night.




Shelter Movers is entirely volunteer-based and their team has grown from two to 250 since their first move in Toronto. It’s rare to come across a nonprofit with as much growth since launching in 2016. The secret behind their progress? It’s simple, they have an incredible group of volunteers.